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What is the Community Showcase?

The Community Showcase is a collection of prompts, datasets, and prompt chains which have been shared by the Riku Community. Use anything instantly or fork it for your needs.
Everything in the Community Showcase goes through an approval process where it is vetted by the Riku team to ensure quality and usefulness to the wider community. Why spend time building out a prompt from scratch if another user has shared one which is 90% of the way to where you need it to be? Save time. Builder faster.
When you save a prompt, dataset, or prompt chain in Riku, you will have an option to either share with the community or not. We understand that some prompts are confidential so no sweat if you can't share!
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The Community Showcase consists of thousands of hours of user's hard work in building with AI. It is a real cheat code to learning best practices, gaining confidence with AI, and moving more efficiently.

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