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Unlock the true potential of AI by creating relevant prompts and datasets.
Learn, understand, and master one of the key skills for the next decades.
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Riku Supports Education

Working with students and educators to open up access to AI technology and ensure the next generation become AI-Native is one of our founding principles. Let's change the world.
With so many different applications for AI, we are often blind-sided by the business use-cases and forget how this technology can truly aid humanity. We support education, we support non-profits and we support causes where you intend to use AI for good. If you feel like your project or use case falls under this category, reach out to us!
With AI, you can build interesting prompts and datasets for a variety of reasons. Build a dataset full of context about your favorite author or historical figure and create a chat-based learning environment for you and your peers.
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Structuring essays, outlines, writing chapters, getting ideas, putting pen to paper and, getting that initial start on your work is sometimes super difficult. Use AI to help you and give you save time and be more efficient.

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