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Google Sheet Integration

Now this is super cool! Use our =AI() formula in your Google Sheets to make use of your AI prompts without leaving your document. Bulk creating content? No problem!
Through the Riku sidebar you can add your credentials directly into Google Sheets and choose which prompt you want to invoke in what cell. Enter the formula when you have everything setup and even dynamically fill inputs from other cells. Getting AI to work in a spreadsheet has never been this easy.
Build your own sidemenu of favorite prompts so that you always have the correct prompt for the task you are doing. Change this at any time and stay in full control of the content you create even if you are in a spreadsheet!
Connect Google Sheets
Found a prompt you like from the community showcase? No problem! You can add that prompt to your spreadsheet ready for use. Anything you create or available from the community can be used in this integration.

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