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What is Prompt Building?

Prompt Building is the nature of telling AI what you want it to do. Quality prompt engineering is when you tailor instructions to suit your needs and provide relevant examples.
The playground is the central place to build out AI prompts. In the playground, you can switch between all of the best large language models in an instant. Experiment and test which model suits your needs. Write your prompt instructions, provide relevant examples, and save it in your account. Building with LLMs has never been easier.
Stuck on where to begin? Riku's Community Showcase has hundreds of examples of quality prompts vetted by our team. Find one that is close to what you want to achieve and open it in the Playground. We love a shortcut!
Build a Dad Joke Generator !
Supercharge your content creation by building your own prompts. Relevant examples within the prompt will give you a relevant output. You simply will not get the same quality generations by using someone else's prompts.

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