The Riku Story

A passion for AI and an understanding of the pitfalls led us down a path of
thinking that there must be a better way to build and experiment with AI.
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Fragmented Ecosystem

With the rise of many Large Language Models and many being created by different corporations, the ecosystem was fragmented. No central place to build, experiment, or enjoy AI fully existed. We needed a place to save our prompts and compare different technologies.
Riku started as a central playground. A place to seamlessly swap out large language models and save prompts centrally. It has evolved into a platform where you can experiment, build and implement the best of AI directly into your business and organization. We're excited by the future and we're still very early in the AI revolution.
Having a central vault for all of your AI fine-tunes and prompt creations regardless of which large language model they were created with is great for organization. This was a problem we had ourselves and needed solving!
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Being able to quickly deploy your prompts and fine-tunes through Public Share Links made with no-code or through the many integrations Riku makes AI more accessible to developers and the no-code community.

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