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Airtable Integration

Set up your base ready with your input fields, configure which prompt you want to use and start a bulk generation directly from your Riku Dashboard. What a breeze for quick content!
Riku's Airtable integration makes generating bulk content super easy and simple. Best of all, you are in full control and it will only run when you hit the button from your Riku Dashboard. No-code required and super simple to operate. If you love to quickly make content in a spreadsheet, you'll love using Riku and Airtable.
Set up your input fields, choose the prompt and change anything in between button presses. Generate product descriptions for ecommerce products in bulk from one simple button press.
Connect Airtable (Coming Soon)
Use any of your prompts or any of the prompts available in the Community Showcase to generate content in bulk with Riku's Airtable integration. Bulk generating content with AI has never been so easy.

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