Prompt Engineering  vs  Writing Assistants

Unlock the true potential of AI by creating relevant prompts and datasets for your business
instead of generic-by-design writing assistant tools.
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What is Prompt Engineering?

Prompt Engineering is the nature of telling AI what you want it to do. Quality prompt engineering is when you tailor instructions to suit your needs and provide relevant examples.
When you use a writing assistant tool, you are using prompts engineered by others. By design, these prompts are constructed in such a way to provide an output for any business.. the problem is that because of that, they never really go very deep or provide much quality beyond a surface level. Subpar generations cost you time & money.
If my business is focused on cold outreach targeting a specific niche, I am going to get an infinitely better output if the prompt I use for AI generation has been engineered to use examples exclusively from my business expertise.
Reverse Engineer Any Writing Assistant
Likewise, if I run a dropshipping business, I want to use AI prompts and datasets all about dropshipping without any other irrelevant content. We empower you to learn and engineer the prompts & datasets you need for your business.

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