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Riku makes deploying your AI creations simple. Instantly create custom chatbots, prompt apps, workflows and more.
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Build Your Own AI Apps with Riku

With Riku, deploying the AI models you build is simple, scalable, and secure. Create chat apps, prompt apps easily. Seamlessly add custom AI capabilities into any app, system or device in just a few clicks.
Creating your own intelligent chat apps, prompt apps, and AI-powered experiences is simple with Riku. Our platform makes it easy to build custom AI models and seamlessly deploy them as customized apps and integrations.

Within minutes, add conversational chatbots, handy prompt tools, or immersive AI capabilities into any website, mobile app, internal system, IoT device, and more. Riku handles the complexity of secure, scalable deployments behind the scenes, so you can focus on bringing your AI visions to life instantly.

Unlock the power to design imaginative AI and turn it into reality with Riku’s robust modeling capabilities and frictionless “build once, deploy anywhere” integration. Don’t just imagine the future - start creating it today.
Instant One-Click DeploymentOur intuitive workflow allows you to go from finished model to live production integration in minutes with minimal disruption or risks.Ongoing MaintenanceMonitor systems health, update models, and enhance integration points on the fly through our robust monitoring and management tools.The Future-Proof ChoiceAs new platforms and model types emerge, easily link them into your deployed AI thanks to Riku’s adaptable architecture.Put your AI everywhere, instantly with Riku. Sign up free to start deploying today.

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