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Large Language Model Providers

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Billions of Parameters

Downloading the Internet.
Yes, really. Some of these models are so large that they have vast datasets compiled of most of what has ever been written online!
Choosing which large language model is right for your next project is the tricky part. Fortunately, we make it super simple to experiment and switch between all 30+ of them. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each takes time, but we're here to help.
Using translators to provide languages other than English means crucial text can be lost in translation. Multi-lingual models offer native French, Spanish, Italian, German and English. Lighton and Aleph Alpha have these strengths.
Interview with LLM Engineer
Understanding content filters and approved use-cases with each large language model. One model may be against long form content whilst another has no issue with it. With Riku, you can find a model for any of your needs.

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