Public Share Links

Turn any of your AI text creations into a fully brandable page that you can share
with anyone online. Let others benefit from your AI creations.
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How do Public Share Links work?

Choose to make a Public Share Link from any of your saved prompts or any promps available in the Community Showcase. Choose colors, logo and text options for full customization.
Every Public Share Link comes password-protected so only those who you provide that password to will be able to benefit from the AI generating powers of your awesome work! Your audience enters the password, inputs their text and chooses how many outputs they require. The AI will provide them the output. Your very own content generator!
Public Share Links work great for prompts created with all of the Large Language Models in Riku. They also work with fine-tuned models further extending the power of AI. Share your AI with no-code today. No development required!
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The Public Share Link dashboard is your control center to view analytics on each of your Public Share Links. Delete any in an instant and see which have been used the most. You are in full control of your creations.

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