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Make Integration

With Riku's single endpoint, you can use any of your AI prompts or fine-tunes directly in Make and use the AI outputs further by connecting to Make's thousands of connections.
You can use Make to do a ton of different things. Need to use AI when sending out an email? Want your AI outputs directly into Google Sheets? Doing cold outreach and want specific icebreakers for your sales team? Using Riku with Make makes all of these possible and much more. You are only limited by your imagination.
You can use Make to automatically send out an email fully generated by AI when a customer cancels their subscription. Get valuable feedback for your product and reduce future churn.
Connect to Make
You can use Make to post a motivational post / daily affirmation in your team's Slack / Discord or Microsoft Teams every day. Keep your team motivated and productive by combining Riku & Make.

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