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The process of creating models specifically unique for your needs has never been so simple.
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Why should I use Fine-tuning?

Datasets with a large number of entries will always perform better than a prompt. They also excel at more complex tasks. Unleash the true power of AI with fine-tuning.
Until now, Fine-tuning has been largely inaccessible to the average user. You've needed coding knowledge. You've needed to know how to format a JSONL file. Not any longer. Fine-tuning in Riku couldn't be simpler.
Any Fine-tuned models you create in Riku can be used via our Single Endpoint API and any of our integrations. You can even use them in a Public Share Link to share your generator with anyone with an Internet connection to use!
Learn About JSONL Datasets
From initially building out your dataset to using your fine-tuned model, we're here every step of the way to ensure your success. Once you have that eureka moment with fine-tuning, we're confident you will see the world differently.

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