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Riku's Mac Assistant - Use AI Anywhere on macOS

Stuart Lansdale
Nov 1, 2023
Riku's Mac Assistant - Use AI Anywhere on macOS

Riku is a great tool for being able to learn, build and deploy AI technology where you need it. We've made great strides in no-code fine-tuning and making a comfy space for building AI prompts and datasets. With my own workings, I always wondered if there could be something more, something that would make it easy to use my own prompts and fine-tunes while I do my day-to-day work.

Introducing Riku macOS

Our simple-to-use macOS app lives in the menu bar. Upon loading it, you can choose from a few different widths and also choose a shortcut to hide or show it. The premise of this macOS app is to quickly be able to call it through a shortcut and load up our mobile stripped-down version of Riku where you can run prompts from the community or your own quickly, and get that text to use elsewhere in your day-to-day needs.

The macOS app can also be used for AI image generation so if you find yourself like me, writing a blog post and are thinking, what the heck can I use for images for this blog post, I can quickly go in through the shortcut I set up and make something within seconds. That's what I call efficiency! Let's try something with thumbs up smiling!

Whilst we can't fix the AI number of fingers issue right now, the rest of this image is pretty great and easily useable for our needs. We give that a thumbs up! 👍

If I need a quick bit of text or just want to improve on my 'Thumbs up happy" prompt then I can do so by entering my shortcut, finding my Prompt Expander prompt, and seeing what it comes up with, all of this takes me just seconds...

Our goal at Riku is to make AI easy for anyone to learn, experiment and deploy with or without code and as I find myself doing lots of little tasks on my computer every day, this will be a helpful addition to my own efficiencies. I hope it will help you too! For those Windows users, we're planning something similar in the future, so hold tight for that.

If you are interested in learning all things AI from building out prompts, to datasets and fine-tuning, consider signing up for Riku today at If you are a Riku user and want to give our macOS application a spin for yourself, you can download it here. This is a beta version. You need to download, open the DMG, then find it in your Finder. Right-click to open the RikuAI file and save it to your Applications folder for future use.

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