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Riku's Make Integration! Automation Made Simple with AI

Stuart Lansdale
Nov 1, 2023
Riku's Make Integration! Automation Made Simple with AI

To further our goals of making artificial intelligence accessible to everyone and continuing our theme of integrations we are happy to announce today that we have created a native integration with Make (formerly Integromat). We love Make as it has a visual designer for connecting your favorite apps and is highly flexible for sending data from one app to another or even more complex chains!

You can try out the Make integration today by clicking on this link. Like our previous Zapier integration announcement, our Make integration works in much the same way. The underlying technology uses our Single Endpoint so regardless if your AI prompt contains a large language model from OpenAI, AI21, Cohere, Aleph Alpha, Muse API or any of the open-source models, you can rest assured that it will work seamlessly through this single integration.

Once you have made the authorization to your account, you are given 6 input fields. The first of which is the Prompt ID. Prompt ID can be found on any Riku.AI prompt page and copied to the clipboard with a single click. You will always need to fill in this first field. The other input fields are optional and based on the prompt you choose, if there are input fields, then you can add them otherwise if the prompt is generating content without inputs, leave them blank! This example is for a motivational post generator.

One of the great features of the Single Endpoint in Riku is that it works for both prompts you have created and also for prompts that you find in the community showcase. This means that if you have found that perfect prompt that has been created by someone else, you can still use it by just copying that prompt ID to the clipboard. How cool is that!

Once we have the fields set up correctly in Make, we can then run a test on the scenario to see if it will work. In this case, we are expecting to see some motivational text generated from the output.

That looks great to us! We have an awesome output that we can then map to future workflows. What I think we'll do is connect this up to Discord and have it write a motivational post on our channel every day at 2PM to help keep us motivated during the long afternoon drags. Super simple to do with Make and no coding skills are required.

Woah! We have Johnny Bravo giving us motivational quotes every day at 2PM. Perfect, the team is going to love it! No code was used in the creation of this and I connected two apps with Make. Very simple, very easy. This is a basic integration showing how you can connect Riku to Discord but if you use your imagination and apply this process to your own business, you could connect AI with Gmail for outbound sales. You could connect AI with Woocommerce or Shopify to automatically make new products. You could connect AI with Zendesk or Helpscout to help with customer support. The possibilities are truly endless.

If you have enjoyed this content and are interested in learning, building, experimenting, deploying, and, distributing AI from the best large language models available in a single place anywhere online, why not sign up for Riku today. Our growing community of AI enthusiasts and hardcore prompt builders are there to guide you and make your journey into this space a comfortable but productive one.

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