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Use Mixtral & OpenChat 3.5 in Riku Today!

Stuart Lansdale
Dec 20, 2023
Use Mixtral & OpenChat 3.5 in Riku Today!

Exciting times are upon us in the open source AI community with numerous impressive models being released over the recent months. Leaping onto this wave of innovation, at Riku.AI, we are thrilled to share that you can now seamlessly incorporate these exceptional open source models into your chat applications, right here within our platform.

In our latest move, we've integrated the ground-breaking model from Mistral AI - Mixtral and the ever-popular OpenChat model. Their performance is, without doubt, on par with chat GPT, giving our users the flexibility to generate brilliant content at an accelerated rate, all without incurring exorbitant costs.

Open source technology has shown substantial promise in powering the ongoing advancements in large language models. The future will see these models being run on mobile devices or even built into everyday appliances, from refrigerators to toasters.

To understand the power of this integration, let's dive into the architecture of Mistral AI’s new model. Designed closely on the lines of OpenAI's GPT4, it is a 'model of experts.’ This implies that it condenses multiple smaller models –seven, to be precise– into one large-sized model. When a content generation request is made, the model identifies the expert most suited to your requirements and generates the appropriate response. The model's architecture is a perfect blend of efficiency, speed, and performance. It hardly surprised us that such models are on the rise, and Mistral AI's model, being open source, aids immensely in the growth of the AI community.

OpenChat, much like the Mistral AI model, is an exceptionally capable tool for handling generic tasks and fielding various questions. Having used it extensively ourselves, we firmly believe its functionality rivals ChatGPT. We are delighted to introduce these two models on Riku.AI.

For those wondering how to use these models in Riku.AI, the process is straightforward. Simply log into your account, navigate to the dashboard, and create a new chat application. During this process, you'll be given the option to choose from the available models on Riku.AI, which now includes these two new additions. Save your chat app, and begin testing. Riku makes it impressively easy to build and deploy these chat applications, eliminating the need for complex coding skills.

Further, these models do not necessitate an API key, enabling you to integrate them into your existing Riku plans. We are committed to adding more open source models in the future and can't wait to share these advancements with you.

In conclusion, we are eager to see what you create with these new integrations and are excited about transforming our platform into an all-encompassing hub for chat applications, vision apps, image apps, and more. So go ahead, build your chat application with Riku.AI, and ride this wave of AI innovation. The future is truly, immensely exciting.

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