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How to test your prompt across multiple LLM models?

Easily assess the performance of your prompt text against top LLMs side-by-side. Riku lets you send the same prompt to different models and view the results instantly for easy comparison.
Finding your ideal LLM is about discovering the best combination of prompt engineering and model architecture. Small tweaks to your prompt can vastly improve or deteriorate performance across the differing capabilities of models like GPT-4, Mistral, Llama 2, Anthropic Claude and others.

Rather than testing prompts in a scattered manual fashion, Riku gives you an interactive lab to efficiently experiment in one place. Simply select a prompt and select up to 5 models from Riku's catalog of over 40 top LLMs. With one click, your prompt is sent to all selected models and the outputs are generated in real time. Now you can scan the results side-by-side, comparing factors like quality of text generated, logical consistency, writing style, grammar, personality and more. See how your prompt performs across transformer architectures. Identify strengths and limitations quickly to determine the optimal model for your goals. But you can also dig deeper to further tailor prompt phrasing per model. For example, Claude may perform better with more conversational wording, while a prompt optimized for GPT-4's general knowledge capabilities could fall flat elsewhere. Tweak and re-test prompts across models to maximize each system's potential.
With this interactive experimentation hub, you can truly optimize both sides of the equation - prompts and models - to find your best match. Whether you need capable content generation, accurate classification, human-like chat or more, leverage Riku's tools to refine prompts for each model and confidently select the right LLM for your unique needs. Discover your ideal prompt-model combo through efficient hands-on experimentation.

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