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Stuart Lansdale
Mar 25, 2024
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Enhance Customer Support with Riku.AI’s Custom Chatbot Solutions

Revolutionize your customer support with Riku.AI’s customizable chat app. Tailor a chatbot that aligns with your brand's needs, choosing from the most valuable large language models (LLMs). Learn how to enrich your chatbot’s knowledge base effortlessly and integrate it seamlessly into your website.

Building Your Custom Chatbot

Discover the process of creating a bespoke chatbot using Riku.AI. Select from a range of advanced LLMs to find the one that best suits your brand's communication style and support requirements. We guide you through the customization options to ensure your chatbot truly represents your brand.

Expanding Your Chatbot’s Knowledge

Learn how to easily upload and integrate various data formats, from PDFs and documents to website content, into your chatbot's knowledge base. This feature allows your chatbot to provide informed, accurate responses based on a comprehensive understanding of your brand and services.

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Seamless Integration on Your Website

Integrating your custom chatbot into your website is a breeze with Riku.AI. We provide a straightforward, few-click process to embed the chatbot on your site, enhancing your customer support with AI efficiency and accuracy.


With Riku.AI, you can create a chatbot that not only delivers exceptional customer support but also embodies your brand's unique voice. Embrace the future of customer interaction with a tailor-made chatbot solution.

Transform your customer support today with Riku.AI’s custom chatbot. Start building a smarter, more responsive support experience for your customers.

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