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Riku.AI & Zapier - Automate Artificial Intelligence with 2000+ Apps!

Stuart Lansdale
Nov 1, 2023
Riku.AI & Zapier - Automate Artificial Intelligence with 2000+ Apps!

Making artificial intelligence accessible to everyone is one of our mission statements at Riku. We want anyone to be able to use AI within their own workflows, businesses, and processes. We understand that it is not always simple to do so and if you come from a no-code background, it can be difficult to know how to implement AI effectively.

Our single endpoint feature set about changing that. Regardless of the underlying AI technology, you could use the same process to generate content from OpenAI, AI21, Aleph Alpha, Muse API, Cohere, or the large selection of Open Sourced models available via Riku. The single endpoint is great for users who have a basic understanding of how to send a CURL request or convert that request for other code technologies such as python.

The Riku team has been big fans of Zapier for many years. Zapier makes it very easy to connect your favorite applications and has over 2,000 native integrations. We were excited to build our very own Zapier integration that allows you to make use of the single endpoint in a pure no-code fashion. You can use our Zapier integration by clicking here.

The integration is super simple to use. There is one action for you to choose which is "Run Prompt" so you can't really go wrong! After clicking "Run Prompt" and continuing, you will have the option to choose the Prompt ID which can be retrieved from the Riku dashboard for any prompt that you have created or any prompt that is available in the community showcase.

You will then be shown input fields to put that Prompt ID and then any inputs. In Riku, we allow users to choose up to five input fields for their AI creations so there are optional fields for inputs of 1-5. If your prompt requires input fields, then enter them here, if not, leave them blank. For the example entry above, I am using a motivational post generator that does not require any inputs so I leave the rest of the fields empty.

If I were to use one of the "Blog Introductions" prompts in Riku, I would see that it asks me for a "Blog Title" and a "Blog Description" in Riku for the inputs so I would put that information in the "First Input" and "Second Input" field mapped accordingly.

Running a test on the motivational post generator prompt, we get returned a "Generated Text" field with our AI generation. How cool is that! We could then use this output to send a message to our team's Slack or Discord each morning to keep motivation high or if we had used an outbound sales AI generator, we could automatically create drafts in our Gmail account ready to hit the cold sales! The possibilities are endless when you connect AI technology with Zapier to create some truly awesome workflows.

We're super happy to make building and experimenting with AI technology as easy as possible and with the largest selection of quality large language models in a single place anywhere online, helping you to use your AI creations in your own workflows is the next logical step. If you haven't used Riku before, we encourage you to signup today at Riku.AI. Our growing community of prompt builders and AI enthusiasts ensures that there is an ever-growing library of quality prompts to use and modify to your own needs.

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