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Sharing AI Prompts Publicly

Stuart Lansdale
Nov 1, 2023
Sharing AI Prompts Publicly

Building with AI technology is truly awesome. Once you crack the basics of building a decent prompt you will think that your powers are limitless! You can use AI for ideas, you can use AI for content, and you can use AI for editing and finding patterns in your text. There are so many use cases for every single type of business. We get really excited at Riku about unlocking the potential for all of our users and building out prompts was just the start of that plan. After all, once you have saved a prompt you have a bit of a 'what now?' moment. Introducing our Public Share Links.

In just a few clicks, you are now able to create a beautiful share link for your brand or business. You can add your logo, change the brand name, add a title and description and of course, choose your brand colors. Everything is customizable for you to use these share links how you desire and they are extremely powerful.

Each public share link created in Riku is automatically assigned a password or code. If someone wants to use this generator, they will need to unlock it with that password or code. This adds a level of protection to your generator ensuring that only those you have given access to are able to use it. The limit of generations per share link is also currently set to 200 to further help you manage responsible access.

In the future; we'll be adding more customization options including custom domains, removal of the Powered by Riku.AI in the footer, and the ability to remove the buttons in the top right. We understand not everyone has the time or means to create a simple AI generator like this so we wanted to make the process as simple as possible for everyone to have a no-code solution to creating their very own branded AI generators.

You can see this generator here.

Here is one we created with a very simple AI prompt using GPT-J technology. The prompt will be able to answer your questions about Google Sheet / Microsoft Excel formulas and be able to give you the answers making your work with spreadsheets easier. Imagine having a department working on a spreadsheet task and providing them with access to this to help them be more efficient. I wish I had a tool like this!

If you want to check out this particular generator, you can do so by following this link. The password to unlock the generator is FOV14WAW91.

We're very excited by the power of AI and making it more accessible to businesses of all sizes and our public share links knock down another barrier to turning a raw prompt into something usable throughout a team or organization. We're extremely excited by the future of this space and what Riku.AI is becoming.

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