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Tailoring AI to Your Brand: The Value of Customized Chat Apps

Stuart Lansdale
Nov 17, 2023
Tailoring AI to Your Brand: The Value of Customized Chat Apps

The rapid advancement of AI over the past couple years has been astonishing. With greater capabilities comes greater intrigue and hype around what AI can produce. However, AI-generated content often has a conspicuous flaw: it lacks the nuance and authenticity of human-created content.

Consider this scenario - you've been texting someone for months in their usual casual tone. Suddenly they send a long, eloquently-worded message you wouldn't expect from them. It's likely AI-generated content impersonating the person. While impressive, it's obviously not human.

Remember when we used to go out to meet people? Those were the good old days!

This illustrates a key challenge as interest in AI grows. The generic, meaningless output from today's large language models simply does not resonate authentically. So how can businesses leverage AI content in a way that is specific and relevant to their brand?

In this article, we’ll explore how tools like Riku.AI enable businesses to build customized chatbots that boost efficiency and productivity while maintaining their unique brand voice. Let's examine how AI can provide value without sacrificing quality or relevance.

Relevant controls on access to share with teams, clients or public on a website.

Building a customized chat app with Riku involves a three-step process to create an AI persona tailored to your brand.

First, you establish the chat app's expertise by describing the field and positioning it as a subject matter expert. Set the foundation for the knowledge and voice you want it to exhibit.

Arguably the most critical step is the "hiring" process. This is where you provide context about your company, brand, products, services, voice, and industry. The more background information the better, as it gives the AI the contextual awareness to understand your business and interact authentically.

Finally, explain the chat app's role and set expectations for how you want it to communicate, the types of content it should generate, and how conversations should progress. Defining its purpose and objectives will enable consistency as your team interacts with it.

Following these steps creates an AI assistant specialized for your needs. The customization enables relevant, high-quality output unmatched by generic chat apps. Testing will reveal an AI tailored to your brand and capable of providing a competitive advantage through its unique, personalized capabilities.

I've created a customized chat app in Riku that helps generate titles and descriptions for my YouTube videos. By providing very specific instructions tailored to my channel, the AI reliably produces quality results that match my brand style.

Super relevant instructions for the AI to follow with information about a specific brand.

All I do is input the auto-generated transcript from my editing tool, and the chat app returns a few title suggestions before crafting an engaging video description. The instructions clearly demonstrate how to leverage the three-step process: empower the AI with expertise, contextualize it for your business, and define the intended role. Follow this framework when building your own specialized chat apps for consistent success.

The beauty of Riku is the ability to brand these apps for a professional, customized experience. I can choose to share them publicly, password protect, or embed them anywhere. This enables seamless collaboration for teams or engagement with audiences.

Another invaluable feature is the analytics providing insights into all conversations. I can analyze interactions to see what resonates and refine the experience over time. This level of data is unmatched for optimizing chat apps to ever-better meet my needs.

Being able to analyze and view previous conversations allows me to see what is and isn't working with my chat app.

The key is creating an AI tailored specifically to my brand voice and objectives. The result is a scalable assistant that delivers relevant, high-quality output in line with my business needs. Riku's customization and analytics empower me to leverage AI as a competitive advantage.

The rise of AI presents vast opportunities for businesses to leverage the technology in impactful ways. However, care must be taken to implement AI thoughtfully, with customization and relevance in mind. Generic AI applications fail to resonate authentically.

Tools like Riku enable creating specialized chat apps that understand a brand's unique needs. Following the steps of empowering expertise, providing business context, and defining the intended role produces AI tailored to a company's voice and objectives.

The ability to brand the experience, control sharing permissions, and analyze conversational data further optimizes the value. Teams can collaborate efficiently, while audiences engage meaningfully.

In the end, AI-powered chat apps are scalable assistants that can drive productivity, quality, and competitive advantage. But the human touch of customization and strategic implementation remains critical. With the right level of direction and insight, AI becomes an invaluable asset.

The future is bright when people and technology work together, with each complementing the strengths of the other. AI may be exploding, but there are always human challenges to solve and opportunities to pursue.

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