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Large Language Model Providers

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Toronto based startup with some very smart ex-Googlers. Offer a range of models for text generation, classification and embeddings and have the easiest model names to remember.
Cohere offers models called Small, Medium, Large and XL. The models are capable of generating content for a wide variety of use cases and can be fine-tuned. The company takes an approach similar to OpenAI with ethics and morals of the technology wanting all users to go through a launch review prior to using it in production
One of the major benefits of fine-tuning with Cohere is that it is free to do! You can create as many fine-tuned models as you need for specific use cases and test out new datasets without incurring additional costs.
Cohere Website
Cohere's models come with a built in filter out of the gate so if you are trying to generate NFSW type content, the filter will prevent the text from being returned from the endpoint.

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