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Open-source pioneers. EleutherAI is a research lab of incredibly smart people working on the open access of AI for all.
Their feats in creating quality models are lauded online.
EleutherAI have been working on gradually larger and larger models. The release of GPT-J, a 6 billion parameter model was widely seen as a turning point in AI breaking some of the monopoly of OpenAI at the time. The Neo series of models are also very impressive with the 20 billion parameter version releasing early 2022.
The fact the models are open source means that you can host their models yourself on your own device and have the power of this AI technology without any filters, oversight and use it as you wish.
EleutherAI Website
What we like about EleutherAI is that they have a thriving Discord community and really clever people working on solving some of the biggest AI problems with no ulterior motive than to forward the movement and make the tech more accessible and less dominated by a few players.

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