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Aleph Alpha

European company very proud of it's heritage. The luminous series of models are multi-lingual which is good news for Spanish, English, Italian, German and French speakers.
With a public release in 2022, Aleph Alpha are a relatively new player in the large language model space. The luminous series of models works well on a wide variety of tasks and can even interpret images successfully. The multi-lingual training ensures quality outputs for the 5 supported languages.
Similarly to OpenAI, Aleph Alpha offers an answers endpoint where you can upload a document and have the AI search through for the correct answer from a prompt. Very interesting for prompt chaining potential.
Aleph Alpha Website
Aleph Alpha are focused on the European market and making AI accessible to users from a wide variety of languages. Getting a quality output from a model that hasn't been trained in a specific language is difficult so Aleph Alpha really opens up AI to new markets.

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