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Israeli company with some real AI heavyweights as founders. Creators of the Jurassic series of models with a training of over 178 billion parameters.
AI21 are a very interesting company experimenting with lots of different AI technology for text generation. The Jurassic models work well and can be fine-tuned to further suit your needs. Less restrictions than OpenAI.
Jurassic-X is a model in beta from AI21 which gives the AI the ability to search and retrieve data in real time. This is a super interesting development as it can solve the concept of memory (or lack of) that AI tends to suffer from.
AI21 Website
AI21 have a product for paraphrasing called Wordtune and have also developed a paraphrase API model that anyone can plug into and use. We'll be adding it to Riku when it is out of beta!

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