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Access to 40+ World-Class Large Language Models (LLMs)

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Build GPT Apps, Chat Apps and Prompt Apps with your own data

Construct advanced AI solutions without limits. Our no-code platform lets you build and deploy powerful generative AI for your business with ease.
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Bring All Data Securely

Our platform allows you to connect siloed data sources and systems together to feed into powerful AI applications. Integrate data securely and maintain governance.
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Explore Possibilities

With access to over 40 industry-leading LLMs, you can easily test different prompts to find just the right one for your needs. Our prompt building toolkit allows swift experimentation so you can optimize prompts with confidence.
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Go Live Instantly

Embedding your AI into your chat tools, prompt apps, workflows, websites and more to interact with customers intelligently.
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Get Human Feedback (Analytics)

Understand Your Users

Get clear visibility into how users respond to each generation of your models and apps.
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How will Riku enhance your workflow?

Automate repetitive work so your team can focus their energy on higher-value, creative tasks.
Test ideas rapidly, get answers in real-time, and quickly turn insights into new products, services, and internal processes.
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Chat App

Create individual chat agents in minutes without a single line of code. Use internally for your own needs, share with your team, password protect or share publicly.
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Text App

Creating similar content repeatedly? Produce a text application with a set structure to bring consistency of quality and output across your organization. Build text applications through our easy-to-use builders in minutes.
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Image App

Using the latest image AI technology, you can build your very own AI image generator to create consistently awesome images for your business. Share across your team or make public. Getting images has never been so simple.
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Vision App

Analyzing images with AI can give you key insights and text to use across your business needs. Build vision apps that allow multiple image analysis in minutes to transform your organization.
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Get 5 days of full access to Riku's platform absolutely free. Experience firsthand how our AI can enhance your business.
Ritch Cuvier
QA/Tech support for Real estate
"I believe in the power automation; I believe properly utilizing tools to make your life easier as a professional is a must. Riku allows me to automatically post quotes every 3 days on my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts."
Lukas Müller
Solopreneur & Business owner
Riku pretty much covers everything I need when it comes to AI and Automation. I'm running business by myself and have a bunch of tasks to get done. Riku make my life easier. I used Riku to create my Customer Support Chat, Product Announcement, Product Marketing etc. It's like a one-stop-shop for all my needs !!
Anand Kumar
Architect & Graphic Designer
I have been using Riku for about 5 months now, and I love it! It helps me write better and more efficiently than I ever could on my own. I used Riku to generate quotes, articles ideas, chatbots, even full article and more...
Martin Broadhurst
Digital Strategist, Broadhurst Digital
Riku has made the world of Large-Language Models accessible to everyone. It's my number 1 playground for all things language AI.
Jessica Kim
Senior Creative for Ad Agency
I've been created super handy Chat Apps on Riku.AI and also shared with my team. We can get really creative with it. Plus, we can track each and every idea that pops up in real-time.
Caleb Cook
Outsourced CRO - Convertsuite
Stuart and the rest of the Riku team have opened the doors for so many people to integrate into the world of AI. Riku will be the backbone of so many successful businesses because of the innovative mindset to make building with AI very simple.
Kate Rattikorn
Business Analyst - Financial tech
Riku has been the best investment I've made.
I can build any type of AI Chat Apps without any coding knowledge. I used for both of personal and working mode. I feel like I am finally able to put my intelligence to use in a way that would enhance my life.
Access to 40+ World-Class Large Language Models (LLMs)

Connect Riku to the tools you already use

Integrate through automation tools with no-code or build your own unique solutions via our easy-to-understand API

Take a 5-Day Test Drive

Get 5 days of full access to Riku's platform absolutely free. Experience firsthand how our AI can enhance your business.
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